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Intentional Torts

An intentional tort occurs when another person intends to cause harm, physical or emotional, to you. This can be done through defamation, assault, battery, fraud, trespassing, intentional infliction of emotional distress or false arrest/imprisonment. Sometimes, it is not obvious that someone would intentionally cause you harm that is not physical. A negligent tort occurs due to the carelessness of another person. Think of getting into a car accident because of a distracted driver. It is important that there is proof of intention to cause harm in order for the case to be an intentional tort. Having an experienced intentional tort attorney from Cecere Law, LLC in Rockville, Maryland can help you determine if intent is present and how to move forward with your case.

Some intentional torts are also considered to be a criminal matter, such as assault and/or battery. Criminal charges can be brought by the state’s attorney/prosecutor’s office. If you choose to pursue the criminal side of your case, you may continue to pursue a civil lawsuit. In a criminal case, the prosecution is searching for punishment in the form of jail time and/or fines. In a civil case, you can recover compensation for any medical expenses, property damage, personal injuries, pain and suffering, and/or punitive damages.

Several intentional torts impose a one (1) year statute of limitations period so it is very important that you contact the attorneys at Cecere Law, LLC in Rockville, Maryland as soon as possible If you have been the victim of an intentional tort.

You Can Get Help From a Top Maryland Attorney Located in Rockville, Maryland

You or a loved one should receive justice and compensation for the injuries suffered from another person’s intentional threat upon your safety. You have a trusted intentional tort lawyer at Cecere Law, LLC in Rockville, Maryland, and we will help those from all over Maryland and Washington DC. Contact Cecere Law, LLC today for your free consultation by calling (301) 948-6363.

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Mr. Cecere was so compassionate and attentive to my needs throughout my case. He is an excellent attorney and I am very happy with the settlement he got me. He went out his way even meeting me after hours because I could not get off work. Very impressed and recommend him to anyone!


Jake saw me through the end of what had been a three year journey to pursue an injury claim from a motor vehicle accident. He was easily accessible, friendly, and helpful throughout the entire process, always answering any questions I had in a timely and thorough manner. Thanks to his work, we were...


Jake was everything I could ask for in a lawyer. He's responsive, communicates your options well, and is honest when giving you the pro's and con's of your choices. As a client, you want someone who will help you understand the process and the likelihood of the different outcomes. Jake does all of...


I highly recommend Jacob Cecere. He is very charismatic and able to work well with all parties. Because of this, he is able to achieve positive results. Mr. Cecere is a skilled negiotiator and highly effective trial attorney. Your claim is given full attention and he walks you through the entire...


Jacob Cecere is a brilliant attorney. Jake is a well accomplished and successful litigator with a proven track record of getting results. Jake has a style that works well in all stages of litigation. Jake clearly defines the process and explains each step along the way. This approach allows you as a...

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