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Car Accidents

Car crashes can happen anywhere at any time due to the reckless and negligent behavior of another driver. If you are involved in an auto accident due to the fault of another driver, contact our experienced attorneys at Cecere Law, LLC in Rockville, Maryland as soon as possible to protect your rights and help you get the financial compensation that you deserve.

What to do after a car crash:

  • Make sure you are in a safe, well-lit area and call the police.
  • If you or another person is injured, inform the dispatcher so that they can send an ambulance. While ambulance bills may cause alarm, your health and safety should be your number one priority.
  • If possible, make sure to collect relevant information regarding the car accident and the other driver. This includes the other driver’s name, address, phone number, license plate number, car insurance and registration information. Take photographs of the other driver’s license, insurance card and registration card.
  • Take photographs of all damage to your vehicle, as well as the other driver’s vehicle, including the other vehicle’s license plate.
  • Take photographs and/or movies of the area of the accident.
  • If there are eyewitnesses, obtain their name and contact information. Obtain or take photographs of their business card(s) if possible.
  • If police come to the scene, write down or record the officer’s name, badge number, telephone number and police department. Obtain the accident report number if a report is prepared. If no injuries are reported at the scene, police may not prepare a report of the accident, thus it is important to collect all the information you can.
  • Inform your insurance company that you were in a car accident and open a claim with your PIP or medical benefits coverage (if you are a DC resident be sure to speak with your lawyers at Cecere Law, LLC before opening a PIP claim since this may affect you right to later claim against the wrongdoing party). Do NOT go into details about your accident or injuries. Refer the insurance company to your lawyers at Cecere Law, LLC in Rockville, Maryland. If the other driver’s insurance company contacts you, refer them to your attorneys and do NOT provide a recorded statement. (Please remember to be polite to all customer service employees – they are just doing their job).
  • Seek medical care for your injuries; report all pains and problems you are experiencing to your healthcare providers; and treat until your injuries have resolved and/or you are released from care by your healthcare providers. Not sure where to go for treatment? We can refer to you to the appropriate healthcare providers, if needed.

It is not unusual to experience the effects of injuries from an accident several hours or even several days after the accident. Thus, it is important that you contact your attorney as soon as possible following you accident so that he/she can advise you on the best course of action.

When determining how much your accident is worth, the specific facts and its overall impact on your life must be taken into account. There is no universal sum or formula. Claims can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. You may be entitled to compensation for current and future medical expenses, lost current and future income, physical and emotional suffering, mental anguish and property damage expenses. Let our auto accident attorneys based in Rockville, Maryland help you get the just compensation you deserve.

Without an experienced car accident attorney, insurance companies will do what they can to mitigate their losses or even defeat your claim. Our auto accident lawyers can negotiate with the insurance companies to get the maximum compensation you deserve. Maryland car accident lawyer Jake Cecere has spent years dedicating his knowledge and expertise to the people of Maryland and Washington D.C. with their claims. Having Mr. Cecere on your side, you can be assured that his aggressive, yet sincere stance will build the best case possible to present to the insurance companies on your behalf.

Consult With an Experienced Maryland Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

Have you or a loved one been involved in a motor vehicle accident? You should consult with an experienced Maryland auto accident lawyer who will be an advocate for you and who will fight for the compensation that you are owed. Contact the Cecere Law, LLC auto accident attorneys in Rockville, Maryland at (301) 948-6363 to set up a consultation directly with one of our experienced attorneys.

Client Reviews

Mr. Cecere was so compassionate and attentive to my needs throughout my case. He is an excellent attorney and I am very happy with the settlement he got me. He went out his way even meeting me after hours because I could not get off work. Very impressed and recommend him to anyone!


Jake saw me through the end of what had been a three year journey to pursue an injury claim from a motor vehicle accident. He was easily accessible, friendly, and helpful throughout the entire process, always answering any questions I had in a timely and thorough manner. Thanks to his work, we were...


Jake was everything I could ask for in a lawyer. He's responsive, communicates your options well, and is honest when giving you the pro's and con's of your choices. As a client, you want someone who will help you understand the process and the likelihood of the different outcomes. Jake does all of...


I highly recommend Jacob Cecere. He is very charismatic and able to work well with all parties. Because of this, he is able to achieve positive results. Mr. Cecere is a skilled negiotiator and highly effective trial attorney. Your claim is given full attention and he walks you through the entire...


Jacob Cecere is a brilliant attorney. Jake is a well accomplished and successful litigator with a proven track record of getting results. Jake has a style that works well in all stages of litigation. Jake clearly defines the process and explains each step along the way. This approach allows you as a...

Justin H.

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